Five Considerations When Choosing Where to Moor Your Boat

When the only thing you want to do is unwind and relax at the end of a demanding week, month, or year, what could be better than doing so, on a boat? The UK hosts fantastic, open and calm waters which provide the perfect space to rest and put your feet up, aboard your floating haven. But where is the perfect place to moor your boat when you are taking in the sights of the surrounding areas?

We have considered all the above factors and narrowed down five points to help you choose the perfect mooring.


A piece of mind is of course a must-have. When you moor your boat, security is on the top of the check list, especially if you want to explore the tranquil surrounding sights. When you leave your water bound companion alone for a few hours or more, you should feel safe and secure; enabling you to give your upmost trust and faith in the location and services of the marina.


The location plays a huge role when you are mooring your boat. Accessibility is also a part of this. Consider whether you need to access roads or public transport, because this can be a big help when you get your travelling boots on and fancy venturing around the surrounding areas. Space surrounding your boat is an important factor also; make sure you have enough space to moor and unmoor with effortlessness and ease. And of course, you want the location of your boat to be as stunning as the open water it travels on.

Good Shelter

Factoring in the location of your boat mooring, the sheltering can be an issue. To ensure the highest quality safety, care and upkeep for you boat, a shelter could be a great help. It can provide coverage, so passers-by won’t be able to see into the marina area as easily. Shelters can also protect your vessel in case of any unwanted weather situations, which The UK isn’t a stranger to.

Accessibility for Everyone

Whether you enjoy spending time on your boat with friends or family, its always a good idea to consider the joining party when accessing the mooring station of your boat. If you are taking a trip or venturing out of the marina, consider whether you need any additional assistance or accessibility such as wheelchair support or disabled access. It’s these little touches that make the place you moor your boat extra special and customised to you and your requirements. Because if you are inviting any family or companions, you want them to enjoy the marina as much as and your boat do.


Another aspect of choosing the perfect mooring space, is the reliability of the marina itself. Of course, you want to be able to trust and rely in the services that the marina provides. Everyone will have different personal preferences; maybe this is needing a certain amount of space for your boat, or needing certain power connections. Maybe you have a traditional fishing boat, a sailing boat, or a luxury cruiser; no matter what, the specifications for space and your requirements are vital to the reliability of the marina. On site facilities are also a lovely bonus; because sitting back with a sweet treat and a hot beverage while overlooking your boat doesn’t sound too bad, right?

It’s also an added piece of mind, if you can feel safe in the knowledge that the staff have. If the marina staff are always on hand and are reliable, you and your boat should be in safe hands.

All of the above are very important factors to take into consideration when choosing to moor your boat. When choosing the location, you need to make sure you have a relaxed, stress free and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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